Yamaoka / Instrumentalits “Kalavinka - The Music of Ryohei Hirose”

Yamaoka / Instrumentalits “Kalavinka - The Music of Ryohei Hirose”

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山岡重信指揮 / 独奏者たち
Denon (Japan) 1980
OW-7844-ND (LP) w/obi. no insert originally.
sleeve : VG+(light dirts.)
media : EX+/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Originally released in 1973, this is a 1980’s reissue for masterpiece by the Japanese contemporary composer Ryohei Hirose, who began composing in the early 1960s and has since produced a number of works with a Buddhism and Japanese folk feel. The album, subtitled "That Pan-Asian World", contains six compositions on the themes of primitive Buddhism in India, Tibet and China, entitled "Kalavinka", "Pippa", "Paduma", "Portaraka", "Parramitha" and "Pundarika". The septet A1, with percussionist Tomoyuki Okada and others, has the appearance of a score-controlled ethnic free jazz, reminiscent of Don Cherry and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, while B1 is also avant-garde music with ethnic sentiments.

A1: カラヴィンカ
B1: ポータラカ

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