Yasuaki Shimizu “Kiren”

Yasuaki Shimizu “Kiren”

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Yasuaki Shimizu
Palto Flats (US) 2022
PDF011 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX-(IN SHRINK)
media : NEW(IN SHRINK)

Japanese saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu, who has been active in the Japanese jazz scene since the mid-70's, has continued to explore new music as the times have changed. This is his unreleased album recorded in 1984, and an experimental dance music album that allows you to experience the most energetic approach of Yasuaki Shimizu, who was awakened after his breakthrough work "Kakashi" in 1982 and Mariah's final work "Utakata no Hibi". Highly recommended for all. Liner notes were written by Chee Shimizu. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Please note that there is a crease on one corner of the sleeve due to shipping problem from the U.S.

A2: Momo No Hana
A4: Kagerofu
B1: Peruvian Pink

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