Yonin No Kai “Developments of Japanese Traditional Music”

Yonin No Kai “Developments of Japanese Traditional Music”

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Yonin No Kai
Developments of Japanese Traditional Music
Toshiba Records (Japan) 1971
TA-9306~9 (4LP) box set. w/obi, 2 x booklet, 4 x original inner sleeve.
box : VG+(dirts.)
media : EX+/EX+,EX+/EX+,EX+/EX+.EX+/EX+(some slightly noises.)

This is a 4-LP box set released in 1971 by the group "Hogaku Yonin no kai", which was formed in 1957 by shakuhachi player Kozan Kitahara II and has since given numerous performances both in Japan and abroad to show the world the appeal of hogaku music. The members of the group have varied from period to period, but this set features Kozan Kitahara (shakuhachi), Sumiko Goto (koto), Akiko Yazaki (sangen, koto), and Teiko Kikuchi (jyushi-gen). At the first, they performs a variety of traditional pieces, including "Rokudan no cho" by Kenko Yatsuhashi, which is considered a representative of the "danmono" style of koto, "Iwashimizu" by Tozan Nakao, founder of the Tozan school of shakuhachi. After that, They all performs new pieces from orchestra and quartet ensemble by Yoshio Mamiya, Makoto Moroi, Shinichiro Ikebe, and other contemporary composers. The sound quality is excellent. The sound quality is excellent, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the charm of Japanese traditional instruments. Includes obi, original inner sleeve, and two booklets.

B2: Yutaka Makino “Kaze - Theme and Metamorphosis for Jushichigen”
G1: Toshiya Sukegawa “Shoeifu - For Shakuhachi, Two Kotos an Jushichigen”

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