Yoshio Tanaka / David Hughes “民謡 & Minyo”

Yoshio Tanaka / David Hughes “民謡 & Minyo”

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田中義男 / デビット・ヒューズ
民謡 & Minyo
Nippon Columbia (Japan) 1980
FZ-7128 (LP) w/obi(light dirts on back), insert.
sleeve : NM
media : VG+/EX+(A6~A7 has some click noises caused by one scratch.)

David Hughes is an American musicologist who studied ethnomusicology at the University of Michigan and Japanese music and Far Eastern languages at the same university. He has also performed with a number of Japanese music groups. This album was produced together with Yoshio Tanaka, shamisen player of the Nihon Min'yo Yowa-kai. It is a cross-ethnic min'yo session, featuring members of the Nihon Min'yo Yoseikai as well as Kaikoku performers. The songs are sung by Gina Barnes, a former guide for David Hughes and the American Pavilion at the Osaka Expo. Highly recommended.

A5: 谷茶前
A7: 山の小川

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