Yosui Inoue “Just Fit / Haiiro No Yubisaki”

Yosui Inoue “Just Fit / Haiiro No Yubisaki”

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ジャストフィット / 灰色の指先
For Life (Japan) 1986
SAL-10 (12”) Promotional copy
sleeve : EX-(DJS, some slightly dirts.)
media : NM/NM

This is a 12" single, not for sale, produced for the promotion of the album "Clam Chowder", which contains the live recordings of the concert held at NHK Hall in Tokyo in 1986 by Yosui Inoue, the proud melody maker/singer/songwriter of Japan. Just Fit" is a self-cover of the song "Miscast" by Kenji Sawada, which was released in 1982 and for which Yosui wrote all the lyrics. Sawada's version is good, but it's totally different when sung by Yosui. The shouting in the latter half of the song is amazing. "Hair No Yubisaki" is from his sixth album "White" released in 1978, and has an urban jazz arrangement. Both songs were arranged by guitarist Kenji Omura, who also plays live on the album. The sound is definitely better than the album.

A: ジャストフィット
B: 灰色の指先

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