Yuji Takahashi "De La Periode Humoristique D'Erik Satie"

Yuji Takahashi "De La Periode Humoristique D'Erik Satie"

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Denon/Nippon Columbia (Japan) 1979
OX-7165-ND (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(Partly rubbed on the side/corner, slightly faded)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight dust noise/light dust noise in some areas)

This album was released in 1979 by Yuji Takahashi, a contemporary musician/composer/pianist who studied music theory under Iannis Xenakis and is active worldwide alongside Toshi Ichiyanagi and Toru Takemitsu. This is the second album in a series featuring the music of Erik Satie, the French composer who is said to be the first person in the world to invent the concept of "furniture music" (ambient music). In addition to the eight pieces from the "Age of Ecstasy" composed between 1912 and 1915, this album includes the "Sensual Sonatina" composed in 1917. Each piece is accompanied by Satie's own words, and Yuji Takahashi's own explanation in the liner notes that the music "acts like subtitles to the screen of a silent film" is very impressive. The music itself feels like background music, as if it predicts the ambient music to come.

B2 : Sports et Divertissements
B3 : Sports et Divertissements

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