Yuji Takahashi “Plays Xenakis, Messiaen”

Yuji Takahashi “Plays Xenakis, Messiaen”

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Yuji Takahashi
Plays Xenakis : Evryali / Herma, Messiaen : Quartre Etudes de Rythme
Denon (Japan) 1976
OX-70634-ND (LP) w/obi, insert.
sleeve : VG+(small and slightly spots.)
media : VG+/EX(the first part on A1 has light click noises caused by slightly hairline.)

An album released in 1976 by Yuji Takahashi, a contemporary musician/composer/pianist who studied music theory under Iannis Xenakis and is active internationally alongside Toshi Ichiyanagi and Toru Takemitsu. Recorded in May of the same year at the Shinkawa Kumin Kaikan, the album features works based on the new post-neoclassical attempts at sound group composition and operatic theory, such as "Evryali" and "Herma" by his teacher Xenakis and "Quatre Etudes Rythme" by Olivier Messiean. Staiway plays the piano. There are many parts that are quite difficult to understand, but Yuji Takahashi's performance is amazing in that it makes you feel as if you are far beyond theory.

A1: Iannis Xenakis “Evryali”
B1: Olivier Messiean “Quatre Etudes Rythme”

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