Zaiko Langa Langa “Tout-Choc”

Zaiko Langa Langa “Tout-Choc”

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Zaiko Langa Langa
Tout Choc
Gitta Production (Belgium) 1982
GIP/002/A82 (LP)
sleeve : NM
media : NM

Zaiko Langa Langa is a Congolese group formed by its main leader M'Vula N'Yoka Long and active since the seventies, which has influenced the music of many African countries as well as its own. This is a masterpiece of an album released in 1982. This is the quintessence of the group that established the soukous, a style of music that developed from the Cuban rumba and popular music from West Africa, fused with Congolese traditional music, and further developed into a light and tropical dance music. The sound and the beautiful chorus work can be fully appreciated. There is also a good blend of Caribbean and Nigerian music.

A1: Smour Suicide
B1: Baby
B2: Sangela

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