Zaleha Hamid “Asmara”

Zaleha Hamid “Asmara”

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Zaleha Hamid
EMI/Bomba Records (Malaysia) 1986
C25Y0182 (LP) Insert with integrated band
sleeve : NM
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This is the fifth album by Zaleha Hamid, a talented female singer of Malaysian songs, released in 1986. The album is a fine mixture of dance music "Danduut" from Indonesia, which is geographically close to the country and has a lot of cultural traffic including music, Malaysian original songs, and influences of western pop music. The song is a tropical dance music with a glittering band sound incorporating Southeast Asian/Indian folk instruments, brilliantly arranged by Singapore based keyboardist S. Atan. The use of synthesizers is also too interesting. The vocals and backing melody have something in common with Japanese songs, giving it a melancholy feel. Includes a liner with an integrated obi by Bomba Records, the Japanese distributor.

A1: Dangdut Reggae II
A2: Tandus

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