ZaOndekoza “S.T.”

ZaOndekoza “S.T.”

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Condition Guidelines

Victor (Japan) 1977
SF-10068 (LP) 1st. pressing. green label
MAT: 1-1-1/1-1-1
sleeve : EX(Slightly scuffed on some sides)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is the first masterpiece album released in 1978 by Za Ondekoza (Ondekoza), a Japanese drum group formed in 1969 by chairman Den Tagayasu and young people from Sado Island. The album begins with the earth-shaking rhythms of the odaiko drums and the distant sound of the flute, which sounds like the wind. The sound of the flute creates a meditative soundscape that intoxicates the listener. This is a wonderful piece of music. The whole album is excellent. The commentary on the back of the jacket mentions the appearance of the German composer Walter Bachauer at the Meta Musik Festival, where he has recorded under the name Clara Mondshine. Original 1st pressing.

A1: 大太鼓
B2: 屋台囃子

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