Yuji Ohno "Space Kid"

Yuji Ohno "Space Kid"

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CBS Sony (Japan) 1978
25AH501 (LP) Mastersound W76, no obi and insert.
sleeve : VG+(dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly noise.)

Yuji Ohno, one of Japan's most famous composers, has been involved in many anime/TV/movie music projects including "Lupin the Third", and has contributed to a wide range of music. This is his third solo album released from CBS Sony's Master Sound series in 1978. Aside from his talent as a composer/keyboardist, Yuji Ohno's brilliance lies in his sense of arrangement. A6, which perfectly blends Sonia Rosa's coquettish vocals with a breezy Brazilian flavor, is a perfect example. A6 is reminiscent of "Love Scall", the ending theme of "Lupin the Third", which Sandii was the vocalist for, although the tune is different. B1, with its wonderful contrast between the gentle laid-back feeling and the melancholy melody, also stands out with Yuji Ohno's unique sense of arrangement.

A1: Prologue - Crystal Love -
A5: Never More
B1: Melting Spot

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