Abus "Jazz 'n' Roll"

Abus "Jazz 'n' Roll"

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Jazz 'n' Roll
Media 7 (France) 1986
JB 107 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(Bottom 9cm/back 4cm tear, some sides/corners lightly rubbed, light creases)
media : EX/EX-(a slight dust noise,B:a few light scratches that do not affect the playback sound)

Abus Dangereux, a French jazz rock group active since the early 1980s, changed their name to Abus and released their 5th album in 1986. All the original members except Philippe Talet and Pierrejean Gaucher have left the group, and Patrick Buchmann, a drummer from The Sundown Project who has played with Yochk'O Seffer, and Bobby Rangell, a lead player, have joined the group. Bobby Rangell. The band's sound has changed from the free-form Abus Dangereux era to a colorful technical jazz-rock with a strong fusion flavor, including tropical tracks with extensive use of digital synthesizers and an atmospheric sound topped with wet SE. It is a colorful technical jazz rock with a strong fusion flavor. (Chee)

A1: Funkadeclic
A3: Piscine Blues

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