Aki Takahashi “Aki plays Satie - The Dreamy Fish”

Aki Takahashi “Aki plays Satie - The Dreamy Fish”

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Aki plays Satie - The Dreamy Fish
EMI Angel (Japan) 1979
EAC-60152 (LP) w/obi (3cm tear on back.)
sleeve : EX+
media : EX-/EX-(some light surface nosies.)

This album was released in 1979 by Aki Takahashi, a female pianist whose brother is Yuji Takahashi, one of Japan's most famous contemporary musicians, who was active from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and is known for his "Furniture Music," which inspired Brian Eno to propose ambient music. The album features the works of French composer Erik Satie, including piano pieces such as "Gymnopédie," the best known and loved of Satie's works, "Dreaming Fish," which was discovered in Satie's posthumous sketchbook after his death, and "Dried Fetus," a work from his later years. The performance is soft to the touch. This is one of the best performances by a Japanese Satie player, rivaling that of his brother, Yuji Takahashi.

A1: Trois Gymnopedies I - Lent et douloureux
A3: Heures Secularies et Instantanées

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