Akiko Yano “Ai ga Tarinai”

Akiko Yano “Ai ga Tarinai”

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Akiko Yano
Ai Ga Tarinai / Yagate Hitori
Midi Inc. (Japan) 1986
MIS-14 (7")
sleeve : EX(SOC)
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts has slight dust noises)

Since her debut in 1976 with the album "Japanese Girl", she has released many great albums and is still active on the front line. This is a 7-inch single released in 1986 by composer/singer/pianist Akiko Yano. Both sides were released only as single, and both were co-arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto. the A side is a very colorful and bright pop song. The B-side is noteworthy for its 80s New York electronic thunder that is directly related to Ryuichi Sakamoto's “Mirai-ha Yarou” and "Neo Geo" images. The combination of Akiko Yano's melodic sense and the backing track is a perfect match.

A: 愛がたりない
B: やがて一人

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