Cosmos “Bourbonsuite”

Cosmos “Bourbonsuite”

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Canyon (Japan) 1982
C25R0103 (LP) Promotional copy, w/obi (SPSE/TOC: 7mm tear and tape, wrinkle.) original inner sleeve.
sleeve : EX(some slightly dirts.)
media :NM/NM

This album was released in 1982 by Cosmos, a female synthesizer unit consisting of Roman Kaieda, Keiko Doi and Yumiko Tanaka. The album is backed by top session musicians such as Kiyoshi Sugimoto (g), Fujimaru Yoshino (g), Takayuki Hijikata (g) and Akira Okazawa (b), but for the most part it's just a bunch of crappy easy listening that has heard inside of a supermarket. The lone bright spot is A5, arranged by keyboardist Hiroyuki Namba, an instrumental boogie tune with funky rhythms, a gorgeous brass section and spacy synthesizer melodies reminiscent of Minako Yoshida's backing tracks from the same era. Having said that, I'm also strangely intrigued by the shoddy easy listening. Because we are super maniac.

A5: Midnight Shuffle
B5: Cosmic Cosmos

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