Georges Rabol "Jazz Training"

Georges Rabol "Jazz Training"

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Georges Rabol
Jazz Training - Pour La Danse
Oversea (France) 1983
OV 20 122 (LP) Coated Jacket, Inserts
sleeve : EX-(Partly rubbed on the side/corner, slightly faded)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight chirping noise due to light scratches/ Some light chirping noise)

This is a library album released on Unidisc in 1980 by Georges Rabol, a pianist from Martinique in the French Caribbean. As the title suggests, this is a jazz training album that contains various styles of music from straight modern jazz to bossa nova, including B1 with bright piano intertwined with disco beat drum and bass, and B6 with breezy crossover jazz with dancing piano and drums. This is a jazz training album. The sound is simple and unpretentious, but the bounciness of the music is tropical, as if it were from the Caribbean. (Chee)

B1: Disco Cross
B6: Meringue Brucante

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