Hideo Ichikawa, Ki Do Shu “Yohseiden”

Hideo Ichikawa, Ki Do Shu “Yohseiden”

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Better Days (Japan) 1981
YF-7008-ND (LP) w/insert
sleeve : EX(SRW, slightly wear on edge.)
media : EX/EX(some light noises.)

This is an album released in 1981 by pianist Hideo Ichikawa, based on the novel "Yohsei-den" by Ryo Hanmura, known for his works such as "Sengoku Self-Defense Force". Ichikawa is the jazz pianist who was active in the groups of George Otsuka and George Kawaguchi in the 70s, and in Trinity, which he formed with Masahiko Togashi and Isao Suzuki in 1980. In this album, he used a lot of synthesizers such as Arp Odyssery, Oberheim, Roland Jupiter-4 and vocoder. The members of the band are all rock musicians, including Koichi Hirai who is the guitarist of Panta & Hal. The result is a blend of crossover fusion and symphonic rock that sounds like a session between Far East Family Band and Jan Hammer. This is a rare style among the Better Days' works. A1 is highly recommended which is a slow tune with a perceptive sound and a pensive mood.

A1: 序曲 overture
A2: 陋 Ro

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