Jack Grassell “Magic Cereal”

Jack Grassell “Magic Cereal”

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Jack Grassell
Magic Cereal
Frozen Sky (US) 1986
512011X (LP)
sleeve : EX(some slightly dirts on back.)
media : NM-/NM-(some very slightly surface noises, still fine.)

Jack Grassell is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Wisconsin, USA, who is probably not well known. This is his first album, released in 1981. It's on a local indie label called Frozen Sky, but I can't find a title other than Jack Grassell, so it's probably self-released. A style that seems to have been influenced by the progressive jazz-rock of the Weather Report. But, the songs on this album, such as A2, with its gentle waltz beat and elegiac guitar and violin in unison, and A3, with its open rhythm section and cool guitar grooves, are good vibes. The best is B3, a long track that starts with an atmospheric synthesizer sound and develops into a cosmic deep jazz piece.

A2: The Summer’s End
B3: Mowgli’s House

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