Jukkis Uotila Band "Live"

Jukkis Uotila Band "Live"

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Jukkis Uotila Band
Olufsen Records (Denmark) 1991
DOC 5111 (LP) spread-leaf jacket
sleeve : EX-(SPSE:2cm tear on top, slight corner wear)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight chirping noise due to thin scratches/light chirping noise in some parts)

This album was released in 1990 by Danish jazz drummer Jukkis Uotila, who released his famous album "Avenida" in 1988. it was recorded live at concerts in Copenhagen and Gothenburg in 1989, and features Lars Jansson (p), Bob Berg (ts), Mike Stern (g) and Lasse Danielsson (b). Lars Jansson(p), Bob Berg(ts), Mike Stern(g), Lasse Danielsson(b). The three songs on this album are 11, 13, and 17 minutes long, and have a crossover orientation with aggressive interplay and intonation. The first track, A1, is cool and calm, but it has a very sophisticated mellowness that could be called a live version of the classic song "Sense of Home" from 1988's masterpiece "Avenida". This is a great album and I recommend it to all ECM fans. (Chee)

A1: Till Then...
A2: Out in the Left Field

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