Kifu Mitsuhashi “Tamafuri”

Kifu Mitsuhashi “Tamafuri”

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Camerata (Japan) 1986
CMT-1099 (LP) Obi
sleeve : NM-
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1986 by Kifu Mitsuhashi, a shakuhachi player who studied both the Koto Kokuryu school and the Fuka shakuhachi classical music, and joined the Japanese Music Group formed by shakuhachi player Katsuya Yokoyama and composer Minoru Miki. Koto player Nanae Yoshimura joined the group. Except for B2, a shakuhachi classical piece "Suzumo," which is played by a monk on his way to beg for alms, all the pieces on this album were written by contemporary musicians: A1 by Makoto Moroi is a five-piece suite for shakuhachi solo, B1 by Ryohei Hirose is a solo piece for long-kan shakuhachi, and B2 by Minoru Miki is a duet for shakuhachi and 12-string koto. All of these pieces are longer than 12 minutes and are masterpieces of shakuhachi performance that is purely hogaku but different from classical music.

A1: 竹籟五章 V. 明暗
B1: 魂ふり
B2: 秋の曲

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