Litto Nebbia “Canciones Favoritas”

Litto Nebbia “Canciones Favoritas”

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Litto Nebbia
Canciones Favoritas
World’s Trees (Japan) 2018
WSTS2002 (LP)
sleeve : NEW(IN SHRINK)
media : NEW(IN SHRINK)

Litto Nebbia, a giant in the Argentine music scene alongside Spinetta and Charly Garcia, has been a favorite among our customers for his original analog releases. This limited analog edition includes 10 songs selected from "Antologia 1971-2014". The album features mainly crossover music, including many collaborations with Uruguayan and Brazilian musicians that South American music fans have been drooling over, as well as tracks that connect to the current Balearic/mellow groove scene with the introduction of synthesizers and drum machines, 6 of the 10 tracks are being released on analog for the first time. The contents of this album can be enjoyed widely beyond the boundaries of South American music. The remastering by Masato Morisaki of Sidera Mastering led by Seigen Ono is also excellent.

A1: Una Verdad
A3: Paso el circo
B3: Bazar De Los Milagros
B4: Minguilitto

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