Miroslav Vitous "Infinite Search"

Miroslav Vitous "Infinite Search"

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Miroslav Vitous
Infinite Search
Atlantic (Japan) 1972
P-6070A (LP) gatefold sleeve. w/insert(color-faded).
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: 1cm crack on top of side. wear on corner. color-faded.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

This is the leader album released in 1970 by Miroslav Vitous, a brilliant jazz bassist from Czech Republic who later joined Wether Report. Vitous and Jack Dejohnette's ultra-aggressive rhythm section, John McLaughlin's psychedelic guitar and Herbie Hancock's spiritual piano make this album a real treat. This is an important work full of the new wave of performances common to a series of albums after Electric Miles.

A1: Freedom Jazz Dance
B3: Epilogue

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