Monika Linges Quartet “Floating”

Monika Linges Quartet “Floating”

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Monika Linges Quartet
Nabel (Germany) 1992
4507 (LP) Reissue, Heavy vinyl.
sleeve: EX(very slightly color-fade on some parts.)
media : EX/NM(side A has one very slightly hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

This is the first album by Monika Linges, a German jazz singer who made only two albums in the 80's. She is accompanied by Dennis Luxion (p), who has also worked with the Chet Baker Quartet, Michael Schoneich (b) and Gerd Breuer (dr), both of whom have worked with the Nabel label. This is a great album of floating, melodic jazz vocals that range from light scat jazz to atmospheric slow jazz and urban bossa jazz.

B3: Prayer for the Newborn
B4: The World was Young

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