Peter Gordon "Brooklyn"

Peter Gordon "Brooklyn"

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Peter Gordon
Epic (US) 1987
EPC 460227 1 (LP) w/original inner sleeve.
sleeve : EX(slightly collapse on corner.)
media : EX+/EX(side B has one slightly hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

This album was released in 1987 by Peter Gordon, a saxophonist who was closely connected with Arthur Russell and active in the No Wave scene in New York City, USA. The album features electronic and danceable sounds directly related to the New York dance music around Sleeping Bug, with fuzzy drum beats and clear guitars and bright horns. It is reminiscent of Italo Disco cover of Bill Laswell's "Take a Change" by Mr. Flagio. Among these, B4 is of particular interest from an Organic Music perspective, as the title "Kora Music" suggests: organic ethnic jazz with the primitive sounds of the kora, a stringed folk instrument from West Africa, and the soft, fluffy sound of the saxophone, which is comforting and relaxing.

A3: Red Meat
B4: Kora Music

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