Ryuichi Sakamoto “Media Bahn Live”

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Media Bahn Live”

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Media Bahn Live
Midi Inc. (Japan) 1986
MIL-4001 2 (2LP) Original Inner Sleevex2
sleeve : EX(Some slight fading)
media :

This 2-CD set of live recordings of Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1986 concert at the Shibuya Public Hall features performances by David Van Tieghem, Robby Kilgore, Bernard Davis, Ronnie Drayton, Rei Ohara and others, and features classic songs from his YMO days, as well as songs from his later solo career, including "Merry Christmas on the Battlefield," "Field Works," "Steppin' into Asia," and Erik Satie's "Gymnopedies. Merry Christmas in the Battlefield," "Field Works," "Steppin' into Asia," and other songs from Sakamoto's solo career, as well as Erik Satie's "Gymnopedies. The sound is a direct reflection of the cutting-edge production of New York at the time, and A4 is tight, with an American female singer replacing Akiko Yano on vocals for a song from 1979's "Martial Arts Session.

A3: Steppin’ Into Asia
A4: Sleep on My Baby

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