Sebastiao Tapajos "Romanza"

Sebastiao Tapajos "Romanza"

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Sebastiao Tapajos
L'Art (Brazil) 1984
L'ART 03 (LP)
sleeve: EX-(RW,corner rubbing)
media: EX-/VG+(Some light dust noise,B7middle:Chili noise once)

This album was released in 1984 by Sebastiao Tapajos, a guitarist from Amazonas, Brazil, who has played with many artists such as Maria Nazareth and Djalma Correa. This is a solo guitar album with no original compositions of his own, but music by various composers from classical to contemporary. In the middle of B7, there is a noticeable dust noise. Please note that there is one noticeable dust noise in the middle of B7.

A1: J.S. Bach "Preludio da Suite IV Mi Maior
B6: Albeniz "Sevilla"

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