Soft Meets Pan  “Tam : Message to The Sun” Book + CD

Soft Meets Pan “Tam : Message to The Sun” Book + CD

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Soft meets Pan
Tam : Message to the Sun
Crosspoint (Japan) 2010
KOKO-0014 (Book+CD) w/obi
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

JUZU a.k.a. Moochy's Crosspoint label released this picture book in 2010, written by Moochy and illustrated by Matsuri Uchida. The book is coupled with a 5-track CD that combines performances by Soft, a superb jam band based in Kyoto that performs all over Japan, and steel pan recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. The steelpan and horn melodies float in the air, creating a wonderfully peaceful and heart-warming experience, with softly coloured pictures and stories. The story is written in English and Japanese.

TRK 1: Bunri
TRK 5: Landing

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