Stu Martin Trio "Sunrise"

Stu Martin Trio "Sunrise"

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Condition Guidelines

Stu Martin Trio
Marge (France) 1979
sleeve : NM-(SOC, still fine condition.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

This is a leader album released in 1980 by Stu Martin, a jazz drummer from New York, U.S.A., who has worked extensively in Europe as well. Aggressive drums, cosmic guitars reminiscent of Toto Blanke, and trippy electronic synthesizers runs on A1, and the distorted bass guitar vibrates and vibrates on the intro before plunging into the world of deep abstract music. The B1 is a cutting-edge piece of experimental electric jazz-rock that is in the vein of kraut bands such as Assoceation P.C. and Et Cetera. Recommended for those who like the ECM work of John Surman, Terje Rypdal and David Torn.

A1: Moosemeat
B1: A Lot a Z's

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