Sunya Beat "Delhi Slide"

Sunya Beat "Delhi Slide"

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Sunya Beat
Delhi Slide
Think Progressive (Germany) 1999
TPCD 1.906.052 (CD) Jewel case
sleeve : VG+(Fine scratches on the surface of the jewel case)
media : EX+

In the 1970s, he played on Kosmische Musik's classic albums "Galactic Supermarket" and "Tarot", and later played in Manuel Gottsching's Krautrock bands such as Ashra and You. This is the second album released in 1999 by Sunya Beat, a group led by German drummer Harald Grosskopf, who has left behind masterpieces of electronic music such as "Synthesist" and "Oceanheart". As the group's name and title suggest, Sunya Beat incorporates elements of Indian folk music into their kraut rock, and uses a lot of synthesizers to create crossover music with an ethnic flavor and ambient atmosphere. Sly & Robbie also participate in one of the songs.

Trk 1: Delhi Slide
Trk 2: Maharani Varanasi

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