Yamambo "Es Cosa Ne…"

Yamambo "Es Cosa Ne…"

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Es Cosa Ne…
FunfUndVierzig (Germany) 1985
EfA 4514 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX+(very slightly dirts on back, still good condition.)
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly surface noises caused by slightly hairlines.)

Released in 1985 on FunfUndViezig, an independent label in Germany that releases Krautrock (Dunkelziffer, C.U.B.S., etc.) and noise/avant-garde (John Zone, etc.). This is the only album by Yamambo, a German Latin group led by Kullmann. Although all the members are German, the music is quite authentic Latin music, and like Candela, another German progressive Latin group popular on Organic Music, the arrangements and sound are very sophisticated with a crossover jazz approach. The sound is very appealing to me. The sound quality is also very crisp. I recommend all the songs.

A1: Es cosa de Yamambo
A3: Los ejes de Yamambo

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